Form (Form-Less) Less

“But we nonetheless intend to put the formless to work, not only to map certain trajectories, or slippages, but in some small way to “perform” them.”

      - The Use Value of “Formless”, Yve-Alain Bois


There is a constant search for a moment in contemporary Indian art, for a unique value that is believed to only, perhaps, be deciphered by pulling apart, or breaking down existing structures of visuality. This comes from, what now feels like, an age-old binary between “form” and “content”. Whereas the former is oftentimes seen as a concern with the “how” something is created, the latter is seen engaging with the “why”; the former with structure, the latter with meaning, and so on. The attempt with this exhibition is to pull away from said binary, towards a space where an “operation” could take place. An operation then, being concerned with both form and content, but also existing outside of each, as a space where the performance of art could take place. We have brought together several digital, and material artists, who we feel function within this space of the operation; where each artist showcased is, in their own way, moving towards a performance of the “formless”. The formless, then, would be the space of/for operation, where artists engaged with materiality, digital, or otherwise, could converse.

















Form (Form-Less) Less


Sabu + Aarifah

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